Our Mission is to get you Promoted

getworkrecognized is a company that provides a tool to track your work achievements and generate Self-Reviews, also called Performance Reviews. If you work at a big company or a small one: Our tool will help you to get promoted faster.

Supercharge your Career

Despite the economic growth, just about 8% of the workforce gets promoted every year.

Getting promoted gets harder year by year. Being in the 8% normally means that you grow your career and get more money.

We will help you with a systematic approach to get to the next level of your career. Tracking, Self-Reviewing and finally the Promotion.

The Toolset for Career Promotions

getworkrecognized offers one tool that is split up in different sections to advice you the path to your promotion.





The Future

getworkrecognized is commited to provide the best tooling for every customer. Every customer should feel that the tooling provided helps them to get to the next level in their career.

We are listening to user's feedback and create a unique tool that works best for employees.