• Apr 25 2021
    Apr 25 2021

    New Feature: Google's Leadership Career Ladder

    Added a career ladder for Google's Leadership. If you are in a leadership position in your company, please have a look. With those 8 principles, you will be able to grow your career in a leadership position.

  • Apr 24 2021
    Apr 24 2021

    New Feature: New career ladder

    Stripe is one of the biggest fintech companies in the world. Stripe transformed the market with their checkout and subscription solutions. Elegant design meets an easy integration. All backed by excellent employees powered by cultural values. With the career ladder based on these cultural values you can grow your career in the same way.

  • Apr 24 2021
    Apr 24 2021

    New Feature: Email + Password Login

    Some people requested to actually be able to login with email and password. We have enabled that feature now and will write a blog article on how we did it, so you can be sure everything is safe when it comes to your data.

  • Apr 24 2021
    Apr 24 2021

    Change: New signup screen

    I have redesigned the login screen to show more testimonials and social proof to convince more users. It looks a lot nicer now as well. So feel free to recheck the platform.

  • Apr 24 2021
    Apr 24 2021

    Change: Free Trial

    After a long time of not working on this project, we made some progress again. I have decided to make the trial not require a credit card anymore and make the initial trial 30 days. So you just need to signup now and you will be able to use the platform for 30 days.

  • Nov 05 2020
    Nov 05 2020

    New Feature: getworkrecognized's 2nd career ladder

    After days of career ladders of Monzo, we finally published another career ladder for getworkrecognized. We talked to some recruiters and asked them what is their biggest pain points and came up with our own career ladder. You can check it out here.

  • Nov 04 2020
    Nov 04 2020

    New Feature: Monzo's generic career ladder

    I am in a Monzo rush. Monzo's career ladders are public and super accessible. Super happy about that, so today I decided to publish the generic career ladder in the career ladders explorer. You can find the career ladder here.

  • Nov 03 2020
    Nov 03 2020

    New Feature: Monzo's product career ladder

    Next to Marketing Monzo shines with its own product: The banking app. But the banking app is powered by many products that are not seen by the public. Learn what product owners at Monzo have to take care of in this career ladder.

  • Nov 02 2020
    Nov 02 2020

    New Feature: Monzo's marketing career ladder

    After the first Monzo Career ladder yesterday, I worked on bringing the second career ladder of Monzo live. It is the marketing manager career ladder that you can find here. Monzo's marketing is incredibly important for the company because they have a lot of competitors.

  • Nov 01 2020
    Nov 01 2020

    New Feature: Monzo's first career ladder

    Monzo is one of the most open company regarding the career ladders. We are starting now to integrate their career ladders into the tool, because they are well diversified and quite detailed. You can check the first ladder for Level 1 executive support people here. Also, today marks a 10-day streak of adding career ladders to the tool. Feel free to sign up to create your perfect brag document.

  • Oct 31 2020
    Oct 31 2020

    New Feature: Delivery Hero's career ladder

    Delivery Hero is one of the fastest growing companies in Germany. Recently accepted into the DAX, the index tracking the top 30 companies in Germany, has done wonders to the company. With the growth that happened and is to be expected the company presented leadership principles that the employees should focus on. We published them in our public career ladder here.

  • Oct 30 2020
    Oct 30 2020

    New Feature: Our own first public Career Ladder

    Today marks the first day where we publish our own public career ladder. We have many more career ladders worked out actually but we started with the customer service career ladder because it was needed the most. Out there, there is a big lack of career advice for this job position so we feel we support this job area a lot more.

  • Oct 29 2020
    Oct 29 2020

    New Feature: GetYourGuide's Career Ladder in Explorer

    GetYourGuide's, a smaller travel startup, career ladder was published here. Feel free to check it out here to figure out how the startup supports Marketing Managers to grow in their career and impact the company as a whole.

  • Oct 28 2020
    Oct 28 2020

    New Feature: Amazon's Career Ladder in Explorer

    Added BuzzFeed's associate product design career ladder. BuzzFeed is one of the biggest media and entertainment companies and let their product designers progress in an easy way. Letting them follow this career ladder gives them a guide on how to progress their carer. You can check it out here.

  • Oct 27 2020
    Oct 27 2020

    New Feature: Amazon's Career Ladder in Explorer

    Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. Their 14 Leadership Principles that act as a career ladder as well are an important part of Amazon's DNA. Learn how these principles look like here.

  • Oct 26 2020
    Oct 26 2020

    New Feature: LinkedIn's Career Ladder in Explorer

    LinkedIn is the biggest Social Network platform in the internet and they provide a yearly overview of the most needed soft skills. Check their 2020 version out here. It is featured as one of the career ladders in our career ladder explorer.

  • Oct 25 2020
    Oct 25 2020

    New Feature: GitHub's Career Ladder in Explorer

    GitHub is one of the most known code hosting platforms. They have a lot of employees and got recently acquired by Microsoft. But even before, they had a clear career ladder that is now part of the daily lifes of their employees. You can check it out in the career explorer here.

  • Oct 24 2020
    Oct 24 2020

    New Feature: SoundCloud Career Ladder in Explorer

    We released the SoundCloud Engineering Career Ladder in the Career Ladder Explorer. Feel free to check it out and share it with your colleagues.

  • Oct 24 2020
    Oct 24 2020

    New Feature: 🎉 Career Ladders Explorer

    We finally worked on bringing together the career ladders explorer. It is a central site where all career development plans of bigger companies will be gathered. For orientation and as information product for smaller companies to orientate on. You can find it here. Feel free to give us feedback.

  • Oct 21 2020
    Oct 21 2020

    New Feature: 🎉 Klarna's public Leadership Principles

    In an initiative to be more open to the community we have decided to open up our data a bit more. We are now working on a Leadership Principle Framework or Progression Framework explorer to let everyone find the right leadership principles they want to orientate on.

    The start was done with Klarna's Leadership Principles. Expect a lot more soon.

  • Jul 19 2020
    Jul 19 2020

    Change: Landing Page

    We have create a feature promise on the landing page that includes the value proposition of the app now on the landing page. You can check it out here.

  • Jul 19 2020
    Jul 19 2020

    Change: Example of Self-Review

    We have added a page that showcases an example of a Performance Review. It is actually made from the changes I did on the website in the month of June, 2020. You can see it here.

  • Jul 12 2020
    Jul 12 2020

    Change: Landing Page Update

    We have added some update preview image styles with fancy background patterns and a basic FAQ that should answer some questions. We are planning to extend the FAQ on an external page and also on the main page. For now, you can check out the FAQ on the home page. Also the feedback page is shown properly on mobile now.

  • Jul 07 2020
    Jul 07 2020

    Change: Landing Page Update

    Honestly, our landing page is not the best. We included some screenshots of our application now to win a bit more trust with customers. Feel free to check out the new landing page here.

  • Jul 03 2020
    Jul 03 2020

    New Feature: 🎉 IT Architect Leadership Principles

    An IT Architect reached out to us to try the app. We published the leadership principle template for their use case. We will iterate on the feedback. That is why it is called V1. The template consist of the following principles:

    • Technical Knowledge
    • Certifications
    • Decision Making
    • Project Management
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Collaboration
    • Adaptability
  • Jul 02 2020
    Jul 02 2020

    New Feature: 🎉 BuzzFeed Product Design Leadership Principles

    Yesterday we released the Associate Product Design Leadership Principles of BuzzFeed. Today the leadership principles for the next higher level are following. They consist of basically the same principles with the addition of:

    • Product Thinking

    There are still more positions to cover around BuzzFeed but these will come during the next weeks.

  • Jul 02 2020
    Jul 02 2020

    New Feature: New Blog Article - What Happened in June

    We released a new blog article to give you an overview of what happened during June 2020. Check out the blog article here.

  • Jul 01 2020
    Jul 01 2020

    New Feature: 🎉 BuzzFeed Associate Product Design Leadership Principles

    We introduced some of the Leadership Principles by BuzzFeed. We will cover other levels for Product Designers later. The skill areas are the following:

    • Visual Design
    • UX Design
    • Patterns
    • Process
    • Toolkit
    • Transparency
    • Data
    • Fluency
    • Communication
    • Mentorship
    • Culture
  • Jun 29 2020
    Jun 29 2020

    Change: Login Design Change

    The Login was redesigned. It looks a lot nicer now. You can check it out by clicking on here. It should make the sign up but also the login a lot clearer. No functionality is lost.

  • Jun 28 2020
    Jun 28 2020

    New Feature: SoundCloud Engineering Leadership Principles

    We have included the SoundCloud Leadership Principles that you can select now. They consist of:

    • Results & Delivery
    • Behavior Mindset
    • Tech Skills & Mastery
    • Influence & Visibility
    • Communication & Collaboration
  • Jun 28 2020
    Jun 28 2020

    Change: Trial Length

    Trials have been extended

    If you sign up now you have 10 days to try the app. Feel free to do so.

  • Jun 28 2020
    Jun 28 2020

    Change: Out of Beta

    We are finally out of Beta 🎉

    This means access to the platform is now paid. All existing Beta users will receive free lifetime access to the platform.

  • Jun 24 2020
    Jun 24 2020

    New Feature: Feedback Form

    We created a feedback form and the feedback page. Once yousigned up you should see a feedback widget popping up. You can close it but you can bring it back on the feedback page too.

    Feel free to see our feedback page too. It has testimonials by some of our biggest customers and check how it transformed their career.

  • Jun 22 2020
    Jun 22 2020

    New Feature: We are on Medium

    We mirrored some blogs also to Medium. We hope that you like it there too, but please read the blogs on our web page. If you have feedback give it to us via the feedback widget.

  • Jun 22 2020
    Jun 22 2020

    New Feature: Feedback Widget

    Hey 👋, now you can give us direct feedback if you are logged into the application. Feel free to use the widget whenever you need it. The feedback page will be ready soon.

  • Jun 19 2020
    Jun 19 2020

    Change: Email Reminder Behavior

    It was the case that sometimes when emails were sent out to remind you to track work that these emails were sent out twice. This behavior should be more robust now and should not occur anymore.

  • Jun 19 2020
    Jun 19 2020

    Change: Pricing Update

    We changed the prices to access our tool. The new prices are $11.99 per month and $119.99 per year. Currently you can receive an 16.6% discount on both prices resulting in $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

  • Jun 14 2020
    Jun 14 2020

    New Feature: About us Page

    We created an about us page where you can find some information about our goals and vision. We will try to extend the about us page in the future.

  • Jun 10 2020
    Jun 10 2020

    New Feature: Google Login

    We worked hard on integrating login via Google. Now we support:

    • GitHub
    • Google

    We might support more logins like normal credential login or logins via LinkedIn but for now these login methods should cover most use cases. If you have feedback, you can provide this soon via our feedback form.

  • Jun 09 2020
    Jun 09 2020

    New Feature: Terms of Use

    We created a simple Terms of Use page. This is mostly needed for third-party plugins to make sure we are a liable service.

  • May 31 2020
    May 31 2020

    New Feature: Changelog Page

    We created the Changelog page to keep you updated with all the exciting things happening on We plan to extend this page so that you can subscribe to status updates and much more. Stay tuned.

  • May 31 2020
    May 31 2020

    New Feature: GetYourGuide Leadership Principles

    We integrated the leadership principles of GetYourGuide's Marketing team that include:

    • Impact
    • Leadership
    • Strategy & Innovation
    • Analytics
    • Execution
    • Creativity

    This leadership template can be found in the application now. It is available to all users.

  • May 31 2020
    May 31 2020

    Change: Self-Reviews

    The Self-Review section in the application got updated. Now Self-Reviews are sorted by date and users can edit the Self-Reviews historically. We also made more clear that when starting your next Self-Review the current track items will disappear into the Self-Review that is created. We also fixed some links and other basic issues.