Creating the Brag Document

Creating the Self-Review is similar to create a brag document. The main difference of the brag document to the Self-Review is that a brag document does not include an outlook for your career and a request to get promoted. This is because in some organizations a 360° review is held.

The 360° review

In a lot of companies, a 360° review is getting conducted before the actual promotion process. In this process, all of the employees working together with the person getting reviewed are writing down their notes on them. Being in the position of the reviewer is quite difficult because people are forgetting the achievements you have done. For this, a brag document can be good where it is written down on what you have achieved. Most people can connect some context to these actions and contribute negative or positive notes regarding these topics. It is the perfect setup to receive feedback from other people.

Organizing the brag document

Most of the work is mostly done by preparing for the Self-Review itself. You can see how this works with getworkrecognized by checking the Preparing for the Self-Review feature showcase.

getworkrecognized then is presenting these written down and grouped notes in a simplistic view with a focus on your achievements.

Let the Team Shine

Blog Contributions

Customer Obsession

A/B Testing


Detailed Thinkers


As you can see, getworkrecognized is organizing the notes by Leadership Principles. It gives the readers a good idea of what to focus on.

This Brag Document can be sent around with getworkrecognized share functionality. You can create an URL that is sharable with people. Then they can look at your brag document and write some good feedback for you.