Track Your Work Achievements

getworkrecognized is the web application to track your work over a long time period and gain insights

Customer Obsession

Everyone should put customers first and try to deliver an outstanding experience.

Last Week
Let the Team Shine

Showcasing the team and supporting it is one of the most important tasks in a company.

The Best Tool to Support Your Career Progression

Whether you are trying to get promoted, getting more responsibilities or simply want to improve your work, getworkrecognized has the work achievement tracker that will make tracking work fun. 🐻

For Marketing Engineers

For Software Engineers

For Management Analysts

Leadership Principles

Leadership Principles or Skill Areas like "Customer Obsession" or "Let the Team Shine" are tags for your work achievements. Tagging your notes will make it easier for you to summarize your work later.

Keep a consistent stream of notes and tag them accordingly and you will have no problem to generate the Performance Review that will get you to the next step in your career.

Frequently asked Questions, but Answered