Tracking work progress

Who does not know the feeling of writing the Self-Review but not remembering what they have done over the last 6 months?

Tracking the work achievements can be done with several applications, but getworkrecognized tries to encourage you to write your work achievements down by sending reminders and having "getworkdone streaks".

Tracking work

Tracking work can be done in multiple applications like:

  • Notion
  • Google Doc
  • Word or Excel
  • Google Keep
  • and many more...

Tracking work should be done similarly to tools like a simple note app as mentioned before. getworkrecognized tries to be state of the art by having a nice note tracking component inside the app that looks similar to the following section.

Last Week

By clicking the add button you can, of course, add new entries, but the most important part of this user interface is that you can tag your notes with leadership principles. This will give you the possibility to categorize notes before actually creating the Self-Review. It will speed up the time where you have to group the items.

Otherwise, the tracker has the normal functionalities like adding notes, editing notes, deleting notes. It will take track of the creation time the notes too that is making it possible to analyze your behavior of writing down notes.

Motivation to Write Notes

The problem with the tools mentioned before is that they do not give you an incentive to track your work throughout the weeks. You would need to remind yourself to write down what you have done. getworkrecognized solves this by introducing "getworkdone streaks". These reminders can be adjusted to your needs and will notify you in the way you like it:

  • Via Email
  • Via Push Notification

On top of that, we will introduce proper streaks that will follow your ideal approach of taking notes. An example of this would be the "week-daily" note routine where getworkrecognized would remind you to take at least one note per workday. Otherwise, you might lose your streak. Higher streaks will be recognized by the platform and will result in premium content.