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In this blog, getworkrecognized will share insights into different topics about how to get you promoted. We explain what is important to write your perfect Performance Review. As we all know the Performance Review is an essential part of getting promoted. So writing one can get super easy already with getworkrecognized but you also want to focus on the right parts. Several blog articles will help you to guide you through the whole process to finally progress in your career with the promotion you always wanted.

getworkrecognized will also publish stories about bigger achievements in this blog. Normally these changes can be also tracked in the changelog but most of the time a blog article itself can highlight a topic in a better way. All product-related news will be here too.

Another topic we want to cover here is the process of promotions at different companies. Getting insights from companies all over the world will make our product better but will also let you as a reader sees how other companies are working. The different point of view here is the most important asset you can get from these insights.

Since most of the people working on this project are also software engineers we will publish Blog articles about our technology. Our technical blogs will be about Next.js, React, and JavaScript or TypeScript in general. Or maybe implementations we did on the product to achieve everything here.