Delivery Hero 2020 Leadership Principles

Delivery Hero
Berlin, Germany
10000 - 50000

Delivery Hero is one of the biggest German companies. Onboarded to the DAX, the index that tracks the 30 biggest companies in Germany, it's growth has accelerated immensively in the recent years. Employees feel this as well by getting more guided in their career and growing within their proficiency. These leadership principles presented here are supporting the employees to reach higher levels in their job.

We Deliver Solutions

At Delivery Hero solutions are important. Problems exist throughout the whole company and need to be solved from engineering to marketing. Figuring out what these problems are and to fulfill the customer's need is the highest priority at Delivery Hero.

We Always Aim Higher

Solving challenges is important. Expectations are given, but is important to think more about these challenges to overachieve them. Delivery Hero supports this extra work and will recognized and promote people that go over the usual requirements.

We are Heroes Because we care

Caring about the business, about customers, about fellow employees and many more goes a long way. Thinking deeply about a problem, how to solve it and take the best outcome out of it is important.

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