getworkrecognized Customer Service 2020 Leadership Principles

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Solo Employee

With our custom Customer Service career ladder you can enable your growth in the customer service career. Work your way up by following these principles and reach manager level quickly. This career ladder is based on the career ladder presented by Swetha Amaresan in this article on the hubspot blog.


Understanding customers, other Customer Service agents and your managers is important. Trying to understand what the customer or your colleagues actually want is sometimes hidden in their language. You need to figure out what they actually want and fix that.

Active Listening

Listening to customers is important. Let them speak out and try to understand the problem completely. Sometimes the problem is not described well and you just need to listen more. To your customers, your colleagues and your manager.


Communication is key for Customer Service agents. If you act on a direct level of customer service or on higher levels. You always have to communicate. To the customer or to your employees. It is important to communicate in a constructive and helpful way.

Conflict Resolution

Resolving conflicts for the customer is highest priortity. Resolving conflicts in the team or the company is even more important. Strive for resolution and prevention of the issue in the future.


With customers, but also with fellow colleagues, you have to be patient. Let them talk and state their opinion completely. YOu might understand bits that you would not have understood before, so it is always worth it to be patient.

CRM Experience

A customer relationship management is part of every successful company. Normally these systems exist for managed customers but are also used for individual customers. Figure out how this system at your position works to get an advantage over your colleagues.

Persuasive Writing

Writing in a way that other people believe you is important. Your writing can be trained, and should be trained. In direct customer contact most often there are templates optimized for this, but when writing to colleagues it gets important to have good writing skills to convince them of ideas.

Documentation Skills

When a new problem occurs, it is important to document it. This is because other people should not be in the same situation as you are. In higher level positions these tasks are more about workflow management and not specific customer issues.

Product Knowledge

Knowing the product is important to answer support questions around the product. The longer you will work at a company or know the product before already, the better you will be in this principle. Learn how the product works and what are the most common pain points to master your job.

Phone System Experience

Giving support via phone line is the most common support way in the western world. Learning how to use the phone, how to speak to the customer on the phone is important and will make you faster at the job. Master the phone to get to the next level.

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