getworkrecognized Recruitment 2020 Leadership Principles

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Recruiters have a hard life with recruiting talent to the respective companies. In-house recruiters and recruiters at outsourcing companies are different but have the same objective: Getting people to a company. Skills are important to fulfill this job. Check this career ladder on what we recommend to focus on when being in a recruitment position.


Communication, either in person, on the phone, or by email contains both direct communications and more tactful, softer messages. Good listeners are also the best recruiters, able to understand what the needs of an organization are and what a customer is looking for. Good recruiters are capable of reliable and informative interviews. You can interpret body language to understand how the candidates feel and what they think without asking you.

Build Relationships

A successful recruiter likes meeting a range of individuals and can match people with opportunities. You need to be competent, trustworthy, informed, personable, and open in cultivating relationships while building trust. It helps if you are a specialist in the field and can appreciate the real-life nature of the jobs for which you are hiring. Often you will have to find passive applicants and employ them, so it is also necessary to nurture relationships with certain people.


It makes you more efficient and more consistent to be able to handle your time, making you more trustworthy. Focus to keep the targets clear and do not waste time proposing bad candidates. Be on schedule for meetings and carry out the promises on time. And you have to be quick enough that before an organization finds another one or the applicant finds a position in a new company, you can position a candidate.

IT and Social Media skills

For networking, social media is important! It is a smart way to identify the right prospects who are involved, so make it part of your recruitment plan. To give you an edge over the market, there are still new IT innovations available. Algorithms can have metrics and analytics to make forecasts, so you can use this knowledge. Keep aware of the latest up-to-date approaches and developments so that you can most easily use the technologies.


Around the same time, you have to be able to perform several tasks to find out may is your highest priority. Remember the specifics of multiple positions, firms, and applicants so that at any given moment you can quickly switch from one project to the next.

Motivation and Persistence

The recruitment market is incredibly competitive, so it is important that all applicants and openings are followed up on. Each month, you have to be optimistic and willing to achieve your targets.

Marketing and Sales

Recruiting is about selling. You have to offer a job to an employee, encourage them to apply for it, and accept an interview. You then have to encourage the recruiting agent to approve your applications and finally persuade your applicant to accept a job offer.

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