GetYourGuide 2020 Marketing Manager Leadership Principles

Berlin, Germany
500 - 1000

GetYourGuide is one of the biggest startups in Berlin and Germany. They offer guides to do travel tours like at the Eiffel tower in Paris. They are aggressively trying to get a share on the market with special marketing techniques like search advertisments. Marketing plays a huge role in their growth strategy and so does GetYourGuide also supports Marketing Managers. This support is displayed within these Leadership Principles.


Impacting the company is an important part of the marketing. People with high impact are running tests continuously, and come up with results based on data-driven experiments that directly impact how GetYourGuide is perceived by the customers.


In the career of a marketing specialist, leadership is expected. Recognizing the right persons to talk to, like other project managers and key stakeholders and building right relationships with them. On another note, marketing specialists are also encouraged to lead their team. Meaning to give them possibilities to grow in their position.

Strategy & Innovation

Marketing Specialists follow the overall strategy set by the company and apply the principles from there to their individual actions. Overall Marketing Specialists also try to innovate where possible within this strategy to make the company more productive.


Marketing specialists need to be able to overview the data they receive and work with that data. They are encouraged to work within the domain, driving it by the data they have. They can impact customers by the data and identify potential issues.


The work done by marketing specialists is executed. Marketing Specialists prioritize their tasks accordingly, and in any case of blocking actions they speak up to make the work smooth at GetYourGuide.


Tasks that are assigned to Marketing Specialists can be solved in different ways. Being creative to find a more productive way is getting encouraged.

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