GitHub 2020 Leadership Principles

San Francisco, California, United States
1000 - 5000

GitHub is a company that provides solutions around open source code. The main product is a hosted code management platform. Customers can host their code their privately and publically and share it with other developers. Leadership Principles at GitHub are there to guide software engineers, managers and many other positions to get to the next level.

Customer Obsessed

Making sure that the customer comes first is an important skill that can be applied to any action. Coming up with new features, making sure customers pay more for what they actually use and make the customer happy in the end.

Trust by Default

Delegating work is important to GitHub. Working in a big company with many people that have different experiences, delegating work most often means that work gets done faster overall. Delegating the right tasks and trusting others to bring results is a major point when working in big organizations.

Ship to Learn

Shipping products at GitHub is the true essence of the company. But learning from shipping is even more important. A feature or product that never has been released cannot get GitHub more information. So ship it and learn from it.

Own the Outcome

When taking risky decisions the outcome can be either good or bad. Both cases are accepted even though good outcomes are more likely to be rewarded. But learn from the bad ones. The important thing is to own the outcome, it does not matter if bad or good.

Growth Mindset

Each individual is different. Most people at GitHub want to grow in their respective career. This means taking new challenges but also encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone to develop themself.

Global Product, Global Team

GitHub is a remote company with employees from all over the world. The product, GitHub, is also available from all over the world, so GitHub is promoting a diverse and inclusive company that works together to make it an awesome experience to work on the product from all over the world.

Anything is Possible

At GitHub nothing is too challenging. At least trying something out is essential. Failing is ok, if you learn from your past mistakes and do not do them again in the future. But with that said, everything can be tried. GitHub as a whole will learn from it.

Practice Kindness

Being kind is an important soft skill to have. As employee you should respect everyone's background and be kind in any situation. Being angry or talking in a harsh tone to someone else can intimidate the other parties in communications. Be calm and be kind.

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