Google 2021 Leadership Career Ladder

Menlo Park, California, United States
100000 - 500000

Google is one of the largest corporations in the world. To support their leaders they came up with 8 essential skills to actually be a good leader. Leadership is important in Google because it will basically drive the 10 thousands of their employees to do right things and support Google's immense growth.

Be a good coach

As a leader in a team you should be able to teach your reports. From business knowledge to technical details to simple career questions.

Empower your team and don't micromanage

A lot of managers tend to micromanage employees. Especially when they are not good at their job. Good leaders enable the team to do the work and motivate them to achieve the goals.

Express interest in your team members success and well-being

As a manager it is your goal to make everyone as successful as possible in their career. Delegating responsibilities when it makes sense and giving opportunities to your reports.

Be productive and results-oriented

As a manager you still have to contribute work sometimes to the team. Be productive when it comes to this and focus on results. Your time is limited and time management will become critical.

Be a good communicator and listen to your team

Communication is the main skill for managers. You need to propose your ideas, your tasks to the employees. Solve conflicts with communication and make the team work. Communication is key.

Help your employees with career development

You need to understand that almost all employees in your team want to grow their career. Humans want to reach bigger things or simply earn more money. Enable your team, teach them how to be great and how to climb the ladder.

Have a clear vision and strategy for the team

A team is nothing without a vision. The company should have an overall vision that should be also transformed to a team's vision. This is important for the success of the project of the team.

Have technical skills so you can advise the team

As a leader you will have to show that you can support your team with the technology used. Otherwise your reports might lose respect for you.

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