Klarna 2020 Leadership Principles

Stockholm, Sweden
1000 - 5000

Klarna is one of the biggest FinTech companies of Europe and has a public framework regarding Leadership Principles, also called Progression Framework. 8 Leadership Principles that count for every competency in the company.

Customer Obsession

An important part to work on products is that the customers actually like the product. Everyone at Klarna should put customers first and try to deliver an outstanding experience. Employees should foresee what customers expect and fulfill their expectations even upfront.

Deliver Results

Individual contributions are important in every company. People delivering a lot of results are rated higher and have higher expectations but they also strive for enabling other employees to deliver results for the long-term future.

Let the Team Shine

Most of the employees work in teams. Colleagues empower them to do their work in an impactful way, but it is also important to support your colleagues. What is important for the culture of the team is to be transparent within the team but also externally. Showcase what the team has done and praise it publically.

Challenge the Status Quo

Companies change heavily nowadays over time. Be part of the changes and try to revolutionize the company and customer’s experiences with your ideas. Ideas that are successful will redefine the company and will contribute to your standing.

Start Small and Learn Fast

Companies are growing fast in these days. Shipping a product involves a lot of steps but most importantly it is needed to ship often and consistently, gather feedback from customers and reiterate the ideas.


Employees take decisions...and make mistakes. Mistakes are a common behavior, but speaking up and not being scared about sharing your opinion, even if it diverges from the common opinion, is a trait everyone should show. At least showcasing this opinion if valid under certain circumstances add values. An employee should also be ok to accept decisions by other people.

Hire and Develop Exceptional Talent

An important topic of working in a team are of course the colleagues. Colleagues get hired all the time but you might know someone you could refer to the company or work on material to increase the hiring quality of all candidates. That could be giving a talk or writing a blog article. But also developing talent that is inside the company will be attributed under this leadership principle.

Detailed Thinkers

Employees need to deliver results. But an important counterstep to this is the detailed thinking. In the long-term everyone profits by this though. Detailed thinkers are people who think of edge cases that might not appear for everyone at first sight. The higher-level employees think of details on a larger scale on how decisions might affect a big group of people negatively or positively.

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