Linkedin 2020 Leadership Principles

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LinkedIn is the biggest social platform for professionals. Employees from simple jobs like Customer Service to C-Level trust LinkedIn with their social connections. Working at LinkedIn requires a next level, required by Microsoft growth is really important. The leadership principles on this page are the most common soft skills required by LinkedIn based on a study in 2020. Follow them to grow your career.


Employees need to be creative. The ability and focus on bringing up new ideas let companies strive and grow. Creative people are contributing massively to this.


For companies, it is important to share the “why” behind decisions so everybody is onboard and pursues the common goal. People can also question the “why” that is supported, but communication to colleagues and stakeholders why the “why” might not be the best reason is encouraged.


Working in a team motivates everyone. Every colleague is trying to be the best but also praising other people’s successes is an important part of the team culture. It increases trust and improves the productivity of the whole team and company.


Businesses and companies are in constant change. During the digitalization age more than ever before. Employees need to adjust to new situations, team changes. This requires an open mind, professionalism, and the will to change according to the situation.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, evaluate, and respond to your own emotions and the emotions of others. This describes how you react to other people’s opinions but also how you can present your thoughts to other people in a recognizable way.

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