Monzo 2020 Marketing Leadership Principles

London, United Kingdom
1000 - 5000

With a lot of banks as direct competitors Monzo has a lot of challenges to attract customers. Their marketing team is key to this success. With this career ladder Monzo offers a common framework for marketing managers to grow their career but also to be as impactful as possible at one of the biggest challenger banks in the United Kingdom.

Domain Knowledge and Skills

Marketing Managers on this level are expected to pick up new things quickly but also to understand fundamentals of marketing like SEO and other techniques.

Ownership and Influence

Employees on this level ask for help when doing tasks when they need help but can also complete well-defined tasks with a high standard of minimal direction. They adjust process to improve the time spent on them.

Communication and Leadership

Learning is a big part, especially from mistakes. It is also important to ask often for feedback to improve on. At Monzo errors will be seen badly as long as you are learning. Another important point is to communicate with peers to gather information but also share your own progress to make people aware if there are blockers.

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