Monzo 2020 Product Leadership Principles

London, United Kingdom
1000 - 5000

With competitors like Revolut or N26 Monzo is taking a good spot within the challenger bank market in Europe. Their outstanding product is keeping the company alive and needs good individual leaders to grow. With this career ladder they are making sure product owners experience growth that they need to grow themselve, the product, and the company.

Problem solving

Understands how the product of their team is working and which problems arrive, but also is excited to learn about problem-solving techniques and practices. Employees are doing feature analysis and see how much these features are needed, solving customer's problems and getting the business to the next level.

Domain Knowledge

Understands the basic differences between web development like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and native code written for mobile applications like Android and iOS. They are interested in the context the product is placed in.

Communication and Feedback

Gets information by needed parties but also is communicating their progress on features to other stakeholders like Chief Operations, legal, marketing or finance. They can convince these departments on why they work on certain features.


The customer of Monzo is the centric piece of the company. A product owner is able to translate user stories that need to be done and adjust them to the user's need accordingly. They always start with the customer and it is their highest priority.


Based on different factors like effort, impact, needs and business alignment, issues are executed. Less needed issues are communicated to stakeholders to make clear they are not critical.

Data Skills

Tracking metrics and using this data for feature development is an important process. Understanding how to spot issues and measuring success is key. They also understand how the work of their team is working regarding the business value and main KPI's.

Works Through Others

Collaborating with other product owners but also people in other deparments is a key skill. Learning how to delegate tasks to team members but also other teams is important. They are also appreciating work done by others.

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