SoundCloud Engineering 2020 Career Ladder

Berlin, Germany
1000 - 5000

SoundCloud is one of the biggest streaming services in the internet. Next to Spotify it is the largest streaming provider. It features niche music. With funding above $500 million USD and an even bigger valuation it is one of the most promising companies in Europe. The engineering department is one of most influential in Berlin. With their 5 leadership principles they are guiding each engineer to be a top performer.

Results & Delivery

Engineers will deliver work in code and on higher levels affect work that is done throughout teams. They are enablers and make sure work can be done easily for other team members but also on a company level. They identify problems early and are motivated to implement necessary changes themself.

Behavior Mindset

The behavior and mindset at SoundCloud are about ownership and representation of the company, inside the company itself but also to the outside. Employees act by Key-Performance-Indicators and are leading the company in the way it is most profitable for SoundCloud.

Tech Skills & Mastery

Marketing Specialists follow the overall strategy set by the company and apply the principles from there to their individual actions. Overall Marketing Specialists also try to innovate where possible within this strategy to make the company more productive.

Influence & Visibility

From participating in tech discussions of the team to company-wide discussions, this is what influence and visibility is about. Using the influence and visibility of SoundCloud as a brand also becomes important.

Communication & Collaboration

From team communication to writing RFCs to influence the communication of engineering to the outside world. All these things are important. The higher the level goes the more influence you need to have as a communicator inside the company and outside.

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