Stripe 2021 Career Ladder

San Francisco, California, United States
1000 - 5000

Stripe is one of the biggest payment gateway integrations in the internet. With their focus on developer experience and checkout style, they have set the tone in the fintech industry. One of the highest valued private companies in the world. With their cultural principles Stripe is setting a solid foundations for every employee to live the culture, follow it and grow Stripe based on the principles.

We have not won yet

People at Stripe should not assume all significant tasks have been solved yet. It is expected that you are delivering work on issues that no one else has ever solved.

Move with urgency and focus

Because Stripe deals with money employees are encourage to be careful. Nevertheless, it is expected by employees to move fast, but with a focus. You will be accompied with motivated and dedicated people around you that will help you to move forward quickly.

Think rigorously

Being right is important. As you can see in other companies like Amazon, also Stripe is taking care of that. People at Stripe will have a lot of power to take the right decisions, but with that also becomes responsibility.

Trust and amplify

Working in a group is difficult. But at Stripe you will work with many talented and exceptionally well-performing colleagues. Trust them and delegate work.

Global optimization

Stripe is a globally acting company. Employees are coming from a diverse background and payments should be global. With Stripe's main goal: Increasing the GDP of the internet it becomes more important to think global.

The stripe service

Stripe's user experience is excellent. The services are loved by the customers and they just work. A big mindset though is to create a better world with the services created by Stripe.


We are micro pessimists but macro optimists. This statement shows how Stripe's employees should think. Anything is possible and it is important to think more about how it might work rather than how something can fail.

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