What Happened in June

What Happened in June
Portrait of Kevin Peters
Kevin Peters

getworkrecognized experienced a lot of growth during June 2020. Because of the current pandemic, we had a lot more time to improve the tool and make it look more professional.

Terms of Use

We introduced Terms of Use for the application. You can find them by click this link. They are mostly required because we introduced a proper subscription system and because of legal liability.

Google Login

One of the most requested features was the Google Login. We worked hard to integrate this login option as well. In the end, it was quite easy to implement though with the google-passport-oauth2 package. We now offer login via GitHub and Google and will expand this if needed. We plan to introduce login via LinkedIn and via our own email/password system.

About us Page

Do you want to get a little bit more to know about us? Who we are and what our mission is? Check out the new about us page that includes valuable information about us. Did you actually know that all of this platform is mostly done by one person? Find out more on the page.

Email Reminder Behavior Bug Fixes

We had a bug in our email reminders that sent out emails multiple times. Quite annoying for our users since they received two emails per notification period. This is fixed now and users should receive emails just once.

Feedback Widget & Feedback Page

One important part of growing the platform is receiving feedback. We worked on a small widget that you see in the following block.

Image of the feedback widget on getworkrecognized

It will help you to give us feedback and improve the platform.

We also introduced a feedback page that includes proper testimonials and another feedback form where you can provide feedback. Feel free to tell us your opinion about the platform.

We are on Medium

Our blog is nice. But not everyone will love the design and layout. There are multiple platforms where blogs could be published and the user experience differs between every one of them. We decided to also offer our blogs on Medium and will expand this also to dev.to in the future. If you know of any other blog platform that you might want to read our blogs on, feel free to reach out.

Regarding blogging. We are also looking for Guest writers and for opportunities to write guest blogs. If you have any idea, feel free to reach out. Happy to support you and your business.

Pricing Update 👉 We are live, Out of Beta

Beta is over. We are completely live! We had some beta users and feedback. If you have signed up on the Beta list, you will receive an email with instructions to get Lifetime Premium access.

Otherwise, we were quite generous and extended the initial trial to 10 days duration. It will give customers roughly a week and a half to track work achievements to then summarize them. We will extend the user experience during this period. That’s our focus for now on. This also means that we start charging now after these 10 days. For now, the launch price is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year (that’s a 12% discount). Prices will increase at a later point at $11.99 and $119.99 respectively. So hurry up and sign up now. Charging is implemented with Stripe and you can expect additional blogs on how we integrated Stripe into our platform. It was a super easy setup and I can recommend it to everyone.

SoundCloud Engineering Leadership Principles

With the focus shifted now on our user experience, especially on the first impression, we are extending our Leadership Principle Templates and making every customer happy. We introduced the SoundCloud Engineering Leadership Principles that include:

  • Results & Delivery
  • Behavior Mindset
  • Tech Skills & Mastery
  • Influence & Visibility
  • Communication & Collaboration

We will also introduce these principles in a detailed blog to shine some light on how engineers work at SoundCloud.

Login Design Change

Image of the login screen before the redesign

The login looked kind of bad before the changes. Just two simple buttons. The functionality was working perfectly, it was just not pleasant on the eye. Now, after the redesign, I think it looks a lot more professional. One major feature of the login is that it remembers how you did log in. It will highlight the last used option for you, so you do not create another account or need to log off and log in again. The result can be seen in the following image.

Image of the login screen after the redesign

Stats June 2020 (compared to May 2020)

  • Users 199 | +74 (+59.2%)
  • Sessions 429 | +145 (+51.1%)
  • New Users 186 | +65 (+53.7%)
  • New Trials 0 | ±0 (±0.0%)
  • New Subscribers 0 | ±0 (±0.0%)
  • Subscribers 0 | ±0 (±0.0%)
  • Monthly Active Users 2 | +1 (+100.0%)
  • Churn 0% | ±0 (±0.0%)
  • MRR $0 | ±$0 (±0.0%)

We are also working on making these stats publicly available in the future. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading this update. You rock. Stay tuned for more exciting content of getworkrecognized.